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Surveyors without borders

PHB is a worldwide provider of digital data services using the latest advancements in LiDAR airborne laser mapping technology and multi spectral aerial photography to provide developers with the most accurate 3-dimensional topographical data available.

Participating in multidisciplinary projects over the past years have enabled the PHB Group to gain unique technical expertise in geomatics and managerial skills in vast parts of the globe, mainly in Canada, United States, Chili, Venezuela, Peru, Central America, Africa and Asia. This expertise is shared with Lasermap image plus, Lasermap USA, all members of PHB Group.

From city and infrastructure planning to forestry, mining and erosion surveys, PHB combines unparalleled technical know-how with industry-leading customer support to help developers plan and execute a wide range of projects in the following disciplines.

Our expertise in geomatics

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